Global Engineers manufactures wide range of dumbwaiter products available each with different features, requirement and purpose used at modern buildings and public places as per the desire of the customer following all international standards for safety and performance. These dumb waiters can be accessed in between multiple floors of a building and are demanded in hotels, departmental stores, hospitals, private homes and many more. We manufacturers and design the best dumbwaiter elevators that have at least 2 stops and at most 6 stops with trendy looks as well as to perform the task for which they are made. These can be customized as per the desires of a customer. Interiors and exteriors of these dumbwaiter elevators used in commercial places, restaurants or residential can be designed to match the decoration of the place. In dumbwaiter elevators, we manufacture three types of doors: Bi-Parting dumbwaiter doors, slide up dumbwaiter doors & swing dumbwaiter doors. We design dumbwaiters to ease the work of people working in homes, hotels, hospitals, factories or offices. The numbers of control buttons available are fully customized and depend on the number of floors and the weight that is needed to be carried on the floors. Our dumbwaiter doors are fireproof and are manufactured as per the international standards for safety and performance.

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