MRL Elevators

Global Engineer manufactures and designs a wide range of Machine room less elevators. Machine room less elevators (usually known as MRL) are a type of either traction or hydraulic elevator which does not require a machine room for the elevator. Our MRL lifts understands the customer's needs for the maximum utilization of building space. A benefit of machine room less hydraulic elevators is saves construction time, space, and cost. There is no need for a roof top machine room, which potentially lowers building construction costs. It is a good choice for mid-rise buildings that need to get passengers where they are going quickly. Machine Room-less Lifts usually used at residences, bus terminals, airports, multi floor commercial buildings, shopping malls, health and school buildings.

Advantages of MRL Lifts:

  • It provides space saving because it takes up less room in structure.
  • It is suitable for every construction because of its easy mounting.
  • It saves 40% energy, it is economical.
  • By means of gearless motor, it climates noise pollution.
  • The running of gearless motors is extremely safe, silent and vibration-less.
  • It does not add any extra load to building static load.
  • Suitable for intensive passenger use.

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